Affordable Bulk SMS Services in Noida, Delhi-Ncr India
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Bulk SMS Service

Sending Bulk SMS is like speaking to all your clients in one go. It’s a fast paced world. Time is less and things to be done are galore. Everyone seeks shortcuts or a fast and easy way to get things done.


In this era and age, SMS is the quickest and most direct way for businesses to reach out to the audience.Bulk SMS is an effective marketing tool, suitable for all businesses from all industries.


E Infotech Solutions is a leading provider of best Bulk SMS services with affordable price in India. We at E Infotech Solutions provide online messaging platform to send the promotional content SMS, real-time transnational and customized SMS for Schools, Colleges, eCommerce companies, Logistics, food restaurants, transportation companies and retailers.


Why us?


  • 100% delivery of bulk SMS.
  • Inbuilt campaigner allows you to enjoy build SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Simplify the large SMS into batches and schedule it.
  • Create and store your own long messaging templates.
  • Check the numbers for DND in the application and optimize your SMS wastage.
  • Peep into the detailed analytics and exhaustive real time reports for all your
  • messaging campaigns and activities.
  • Make contact groups in a very simplified manner.
  • The process is automated and easily customized. Run SMS campaigns smoothly and professionally.
To know more information about bulk SMS. Please contact us…