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SAP Netweaver

SAP NetWeaver has been launched for the candidates, who have to develop ERP applications. The SAP NetWeaver Training helps the candidates in understanding the architecture of the portal so that it would be easier for the candidates to create the one that is assimilated with the features which satisfies the Enterprise Portal (EP), Business Intelligence (BI), Exchange Infrastructure (EI) needs. During the training the candidates learn all the fundamentals of the NetWeaver so that they would be able to create an application with a better user experience and satisfy the demand of today’s next-generation market.

Here are some of the highlights that a candidate will learn during the SAP NetWeaver Training:

  • They develop their insight on the  NetWeaver Architecturen and the installation.
  • They learn about the use of the navigation properties in the portal
  • The training helps in enhancing insight on the creating a portal for a better user experience
  • Helps in understanding the technical terminologies such as:  iP forms,  iP Compilation, etc.
  • The training enlightens on Portal Runtime & Portal Apps and its use in creating the Portal.
Target audience
  • Anyone from Software Development, who wish to develop their insight on NetWeaver to build a portal and understand the architecture of the portal as well